MAGICRETE molds for artificial stone

Introduction to our molds

MAGICRETE is manufacturer of high quality flexible molds for production of artificial stone – molds, which will create a solid foundation for your production. Our molds are manufactured from high-quality polyurethane, with hardness from A30 to A50 shore, depending on the type of product. This material enables to reproduce the structure of natural stone to the smallest details, thus enabling to produce artificial stone, which is almost identical to natural – whether it’s chipped slate from the northern regions of Czech Republic, or aged brick, which has been scourged by weather.

Why MAGICRETE molds?

Many producers of molds manufacture their products from polyurethane, which is absolutely not intended for production of flexible molds. On the other hand, MAGICRETE molds are manufactured from polyurethane, which was developed especially for production of forms. Hard molds, which are usually manufactured form laminate (epoxy resin), polypropylene, polythene or other rigid plastics, are not able to pass on the structure of natural stone, hence are not suitable for production of high quality artificial stone.

All MAGICRETE models have been manufactured from natural stone. Carefully selected stones have been hand-crafted into modules, which were then copied using special silicone rubber and worked over into models of artificial stone. This enabled us to „capture“ the surface of natural stone in extreme details. Some other manufacturers have simply copied already existing models from competition, thus offering their clients a poor-quality, pirate copy of someone else’s product.

Service life of MAGICRETE molds

One of the main factors when choosing appropriate molds for your production is the service life of these forms. MAGICRETE molds for artificial stone have a service life of up to 1500 cycles (6 years of service) and during this period molds are resistant to tearing and do not lose geometry. As a proof to our words we can state, that we are using the same molds at our concrete production facility in Czech Republic. Most of competitors manufacture molds ONLY FOR SALE and don’t have firsthand experience with application of these molds in production.

Regarding the service life of hard forms – it is only up to 150 cycles, after which molds need to be replaced.

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We understand, that purchasing molds for artificial stone is a serious investment and requires a detailed analysis from the investor. For making a right decision we are inviting you to visit our company in Prague, where you would be able to examine the quality of our complete product range – both molds and artficial stone, which is produced in our molds.
Our company offers molds, chemical additives for concrete, decoration components (stains and special colouring agents), as well as complete MAGICRETE production technology. To receive detailed information you can
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