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Why purchase from us:

  • Reliable European manufacturer with solid history
  • Forms and components are supplied in shortest time possible
  • Technical support in founding / maintaining production
  • Years of experience in field of artificial stone

Why MAGICRETE® products:

  • Superior product quality
  • Long service life of our forms
  • Quick investment return due to high quality of finished goods
  • We supply forms or complete production technology according to your needs

MAGICRETE exhibition stand at construction trade show BAU 2013 in Munich, Germany:

MAGICRETE® is one of the leading European manufacturers of moulds for production of artificial stone. In our product range you will find moulds for artificial stone, paver molds with texture of natural stone, aged brick or even wood, as well as fence molds for production of double-sided fence systems.

Our main advantage is that we are managing a full-scale production of finished goods (complete range of artificial stone, pavers and fence systems) using OUR OWN MOULDS. This enables us to guarantee top product quality and long service life of our molds.

Having managed our own production facility for more than 10 years enabled us to pinpoint all the weak points of our moulds and to eliminate them. Our production capacity is approximately 100 thousand square meters of finished goods per year. This places us amongst the top Czech manufacturers of artificial stone. When supplying the production technology to our clients we also conduct training courses at our production facility in Czech Republic.

Unlike some of our East European competition we don’t offer pirate copies of molds – all our models have been hand-crafter from natural stone and all original prototypes are kept safely in our company archives. Using the texture of natural material, such as stone, brick or wood, we have been able to create the most impressive imitation possible and high-quality polyurethane, which is used for production of our molds, transfers this unique texture to finished goods with great details.

When purchasing MAGICRETE molds you can be sure that you will receive a top-quality product, which will enable you to return your investment in short period, as well guarantee long service life at your production for many years.

We are inviting you to visit our company in Czech Republic, where you would be able to experience the quality of our finished goods as well as our molds, and to discuss the different options of mutual business cooperation.


Contact information

Telephone: +420 605 255 512

E-mail: info@kamen-ploty.cz

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