Advantages of MAGICRETE molds

Many of mold producers manufacture molds by hand-mixing of elastomeric components. This way of manufacturing molds is acceptable for silicon products; however polyurethane molds (which are mostly present on the market) have inferior quality when manufactured by hand-mixing. All MAGICRETE molds are manufactured with the use of the most sophisticated equipment, so that we can guarantee top quality of the final product.

Let’s take a look into polyurethane chemistry. MOST of polyurethane systems consist of 2 components – polyol and isocyanate. Ideal properties of the finished product (mold) can be reached only when each polyol molecules combine with a specific number of isocyanate molecules. This way the material will have the necessary properties and a very long service life.

Below are some of the advantages of robot-made polyurethane molds:

  • Ideal proportions of material mix
    2 (in some cases 3) components are mixed with a proper proportion, which in the end results in high-quality polyurethane
  • Quality mix of all components
    this eliminates potential flaws in molds, which do not necessarily have to be detected by quality control and can come out later
  • Controlled temperature
    even polyurethane systems, which are casted at room temperature, require a specific constant temperature to be sustained when mixing/casting for maximum possible viscosity of the material
  • Moisture control
    When casting polyurethane it is absolutely vital to reduce moisture, which is contained in the surrounding environment to a minimum. Casting robot does this by vacuuming of polyurethane mix. This way two problems are being solved – air is removed from the mix, as well as moisture. When polyurethane is mixed by hand, the exact opposite happens – air (and moisture contained in air) is being dragged into polyurethane structure, which reduces the quality of molds.

All of the above mentioned aspects affect the following parameters of a mold:

  • Service life of a mold drastically decreases
    A mold, which has been manufactured using a robot has a much longer service life, it is much harder to dagame such a mold physically and the mold does not lose it’s proper geometry during service life. Using cheap molds, which have been manufactured by hand means that soon you will have to replace the damaged ones, since their service life is much shorter.
  • Hidden flaws
    these include hidden mixing flaws o incorrect proportion of materials, which could drastically decrease the quality of molds. This, in the end, would mean that such forms will have to be replaced.
  • Adhesion / abrasion / resistance to aggressive environment
    Top quality polyurethanes (developed especially for concrete casting) can only be processed by a robot and cannot be mixed manually.


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