Fence molds

Fencing is a vital part of any project – starting from residential housing, to commercial and industrial fencing. MAGICRETE® is a leading manufacturer of molds for production of double and single sided fencing systems. Our product range includes several types of stone, wood and brick texture, as well as modern flat reliefs. Fencing molds are made from a combination of flexible polyurethane and rigid waterproof veneer, ensuring long service life and proper geometry of finished products.


  • Combination of high quality polyurethane and waterproof veneer for panel molds
    We can off er a wide range of diff erent designs and fencing systems, with main objective in mind – high quality and extreme durability.
  • All our products are manufactured by automated polyurethane processing machinery
    This guarantees high quality products and prolonged service life.
  • Cost-eff ective solution
    Fencing systems have been designed in order to be used eff ectively and generate stable profit for your business. MAGICRETE® molds do not require demanding maintenance and under proper technological conditions can be successfully used for many years.
  • Same molds are used at MAGICRETE® fencing production facility
    This allows us to rigorously test the molds under actual production conditions to detect any potential design and construction flaws and eliminate them.
  • Strict quality control
    All the products are being monitored and quality controlled at different stages of production in order to ensure that you receive the top quality molds.

Single sided fence system

Double sided fence system

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