Molds for cultured stone and brick

Stone Veneer Molds

Cultured stone, also know as artificial or veneer stone is manufactured from concrete or other mix design using flexible molds. It has a wide variety of applications, ranging from masonry and façade tiles to many types of interior decoration. MAGICRETE® offers a big selection of molds for production of cultured stone – our product range includes a variety of ledgestone designs, fieldstone imitation, brick tiles and wood imitation. By choosing MAGICRETE® products you receive top quality polyurethane molds, which would benefit your business and give you a great competitive advantage.

Benefits of MAGICRETE® molds

  • High quality polyurethane developed specifically for wetcast technology
    Polyurethane resin which we use for production of molds is designed to withstand specific conditions of cultured stone manufacturing.
  • All our products are manufactured by automated polyurethane processing machinery
    This guarantees high quality products and prolonged service life.
  • All models are designed in-house by MAGICRETE®
    All the product models have been designed using natural stone, brick and wood and carefully transferred into molds, meaning that all the texture nuances will be visible on the finished product.
  • MAGICRETE® is an established cultured stone manufacturer
    How many companies which are selling molds also have their own production of finished products? Very few. MAGICRETE® is a leading European manufacturer of cultured stone, fencing systems and paving tiles and we use the same molds at our production facility.
  • Strict quality control
    All the products are being monitored and quality controlled at different stages of production in order to ensure that you receive the top quality molds.


Molds for stone

Molds for brick

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