Delivery of your order

We are aware of the fact, that taking care of logistics could be a problem for some clients, especially if you have not dealt with this issue before. Not having experience in this field could fend off some potential customers, as they would fear facing potential obstacles when delivering their goods. This is why MAGICRETE is offering a full-service solution when delivering your order.

Having years of experience in field of logistics we are able to deliver you order to practically any part of the world. We cooperate with renowned logistics companies in order to ensure fast, reliable and cost-efficient delivery of your order.

If you wish to organize your own delivery of goods, we will prepare the necessary documentation and you can retrieve your order directly from our warehouse.

Delivery of flexible molds requires special attention to package of goods. All molds are securely packed into wooden crates to ensure that no damage can occur during delivery. This way you can be sure that your order will be delivered safe and sound, even if your destination is located thousands of kilometers away from our warehouse.

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